Peter Falla Marketing Director


Peter’s involvement with the performing arts began as a young lad as one of the original members of the late Janet Bran’s first junior choir. During the mid 1960’s Peter became involved in various productions at both the Boys Grammar School and Capelles Methodist Club.

As a performer Peter especially enjoys both acting and singing comedic roles. He was Chairman, Guernsey Glee Singers for 8 years from 1993 until 2001 and is the founder of the hugely popular local sea shanty group, GU10. The group, which was set up by Peter in 2005 to help celebrate the Year of the Sea across Britain, has since gone from strength to strength performing during the main summer season at many outdoor locations across the Bailiwick including the annual Sark Folk Festival.

Peter’s involvement with EVOKE Productions stems right back to the very beginning in 2008 when he accepted an invitation from Chris Bougourd to become co-founder and Marketing Director of the company.

Favourite roles to date include the comedic portrayals of Dad in the Ray Cooney farce, Caught in the Net, Albert the Horse in Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows, Candy in Of Mice and Men, as well as, the legendary Cecile B. DeMille in the famous musical, Sunset Boulevard.

Away from the smell and footlights of grease paint Peter is now enjoying his retirement with his wife Jenny having worked for the States of Guernsey for nearly 28 years until May 2015.

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