EVOKE’s June production will be the highly successful John Chapman and Dave Freeman comedy, Key For Two.

In this wickedly amusing play, by two master craftsmen of comedy, Harriet, a divorcee living in an elegant flat in Brighton, solves her financial problems by entertaining two married gentlemen callers on different days of the week.

The scheme faces collapse when her friend Anne, whose marriage is tottering, arrives at the flat hotly pursued by her husband, one of Harriet’s lovers is confined to Harriet’s bed with a stained ankle, and the second lover turns up unexpectedly, closely followed by two irate wives in search of itinerant husbands! The indescribable confusion that ensures builds to a rich complexity of mistaken identity, splendidly farcical situations and a climax of comedy wizardry.

A dream team of talented experienced actors to portray the various characters has been assembled and EVOKE are delighted to announce the following players who have been selected to portray the roles within the production:

Gordon Mark Ogier
Harriet Natalie Thoumine
Alec Chris Bougourd
Anne Dani Robin
Richard Ethan Hitchon
Magda Colleen Williams
Mildred Lindsey Veillard

THE PRODUCTION WILL RUN from Tuesday 15 to Friday 18 June 2021
with curtain up at Beau Sejour Theatre at 8.00pm. Keep checking EVOKE’s website for tasty snippets of information leading up to the commencement and during rehearsals starting from 23 April 2021.

This long-running production at the Vaudeville Theatre in London was a big hit and proved to be the happiest of comedic frolics. The perfect way to enjoy hearty laughs and an evening of live entertainment from EVOKE’s Theatre of Company.