Multi-Skilled Team


Marilyn Pugh Resident Musical Director

EVOKE’s resident musical director is certainly no stranger to the local music scene and has established a highly respected reputation for musical excellence. She is an accomplished pianist and is well known in Guernsey…READ MORE



Natalie Cutts-Watson Resident Choreographer

Since treading the boards at the age of 3 as a novice dancer, Natalie’s passion of dance was very evident by becoming a member of the Dance Academy in Guernsey and taking part successfully in numerous dance festivals pan Channel Islands…READ MORE


Gill Hunt Resident Stage Manager

Michelle Cox Dialogue Continuity

Gill Hunt Stage Set Furniture and Properties

Colleen Williams Stage Set Soft Furnishings

Natalie Thoumine Arts and Crafts Creative

Jenny Vidamour Wardrobe Mistress

Rob Bougourd Resident Carpenter

Ann Good Resident Front-of-House Manager

Natalie Thoumine Child Welfare Officer

Michelle Cox Personal Assistant to the Artistic Director

Lia Rihoy Marketing Executive (Commercial)

Graham Jackson Official Photographer

Jooles Tostevin-Hobbs Graphic Designer »